County Government

I support a representative and cooperative county government. Citizen engagement is crucial to decision making for our county. I value hearing all opinions and positions and forming a decision only after careful gathering of information. I would encourage citizens to become involved in their areas of interest whether it be on a board, commission, agency, or running for office themselves. Latah County Commissioners have a legacy of cooperation and respect amongst themselves and with all county employees. If elected, I promise to work well with current commissioners, Tom Lamar and Dave McGraw, and continue the legacy of former commissioners  Dick Walser, Jennifer Barrett, Tom Stroschien, and Jack Nelson. I will respect the intelligence and dedication of all county employees. 


 Land Use & Planning

I support responsible and respectful land use. We need to keep the public lands in Idaho public for the diverse users of this land. The trails on Moscow Mountain are a shining example of cooperation between private land owners and recreational users. We have parks, fairgrounds, museums, and public buildings that need to be maintained for current and future use. I would encourage forward thinking on planning and zoning to assure continued growth while maintaining the quality of life that Latah County residents aspire to. Adherence to building codes and environmental standards expresses awareness of our neighbors downstream and down wind from us, and assures that Latah County will be beautiful for generations to come. 

Citizen Support

I support an array of county services that allow our citizens to feel safe, healthy, and happy in their communities. I appreciate the coordinated efforts of law enforcement and emergency services for speedy response and resolution in times of natural or man made disaster. We should bring federal tax dollars back to Idaho by pushing for Medicaid expansion to assure quality health care for our citizens. We need to become responsible health care consumers in the form of preventative care and transparency of health care costs. I would like to see greater equity of education. Upon graduation, young adults should have options in the form of affordable higher education, technical school, or trade apprenticeships. Our families deserve to feel supported by a combination of county social services and grass roots agencies currently serving in our local communities.